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About Us

Artizan Gallery is a division of SSS Graphics - a registered Australian business (A.B.N. 82362660430) owned and managed by John Semerdjian - located in Sydney, Australia.

The limited edition art prints showcased in the 'Gallery' section of this web site are the original work of John Semerdjian, our resident artist. For many years John, a formally trained designer and photographer, has been travelling the world visiting and photographing exotic and interesting places. His passion for nature's beauty and man-made artistic creations can be seen in his prints, which are exclusively showcased on this web site for sale.

The Artist's Statement

Photography to some is a hobby, but to an artist it’s a medium. A medium to capture a real moment in time and preserve it forever.

Ansel Adams a well-known nature photographer once said: “You don't take a photograph, you make it”. That’s what Art Photography is all about. Anyone can take a photograph, however only few can “make” a fine art photograph.

To me, art photography is not just pressing a button on my camera; it’s a complete process. From the second I visualise the scene in my mind, through to the successful capture of the moment, processing the image, prepare it for output and making the final art print. Every step in making a fine art photograph is an art in itself. An art that I’ve learned through many years of research, experience, dedication and hard work. I believe the only time a work of art can truly be appreciated is when people understand the nature of its creation.

The body of work I create is an expression of my artistic impressions of the beautiful world we live in, influenced by the diverse cultural experiences I encounter during my travels. My goal is to capture nature’s beauty and man-made artistic creations on film and share them with the world. At the same time, I hope my art will help people appreciate other cultures and encourage them to work together to preserve our fragile environment for future generations.

Enjoy my art and please don’t forget to purchase an art print or two from our gallery.

Kind Regards,
John Semerdjian